$20 BuckID Included with Every Ticket

Having this year’s WordCamp held at the Ohio Union on the Ohio State University campus has allowed us to do something pretty cool when it comes to feeding the attendees. This year each attendee gets a BuckID card, prepaid with $20 on it.

What’s a BuckID card you ask? It’s a system Ohio State implemented many years ago, and is the official student ID of Ohio State students.

However, one big benefit of a BuckID card is that you can deposit money into it, which essentially turns it into a debit card that you can use at tons of places around campus. Restaurants, t-shirt shops, bookstores, just about anywhere around campus accepts BuckID as payment (you can see the complete list on the BuckID website).

During registration each attendee will receive their very own $20 BuckID card to use however and whenever they want while at the WordCamp. This could include lunch, dinner, or even some souvenir shopping while walking around campus.

So feel free to use your BuckID card on whatever you need. Enjoy.

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